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Announcement of Use Pb-free Identification Label



Dear Customer,


KJ brand V-chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors have complied with the requests regulated by The Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronics Equipment (RoHS Directive, 2002/95/EC) since 1 January 2005. To assure the compliance, SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd is authorized to test all its internal materials, packaging materials and finished capacitors under RoHS Directive annually.  


From 1 June 2006, KJ will adopt an option submitted by Marking, Symbols, and Labels for Identification of Lead (Pb) Free Assemblies, Components, and Devices (JEDEC Standard No. 97), to use the uniform Pb-free identification label for KJs V-chip capacitors except other special requests from customers. The detail is as follows:


1.   The mark        on reel and inside box shows the category description of Pb-free terminals as Sn. Its background is white, and the ellipse and letters are green.


2.     The label      on reel and inside box is 22mm25mm with the diameter of the circle being 18mm. Its background is white, and the symbol and letters are green.          


3.   The Pb-free identification label on the outer carton is as large again as above 2.




KJ (H.K.) Electronics Co., Ltd.


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